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Mobilosoft Our Web-2-Store Pack

Our Platform gives you access to all the functionalities you need to manage for your online local presence: rank higher in your local search results thanks to the multidiffusion tool, animate your local presence with content publications, monitor your conversion and manage your e-reputation. You will also benefit from the know-how of our teams that will help you reach your objectives, provide your teams with qualitative trainings and support to your local store managers to help them optimise their store’s local presence.

Location Management Hub

Location Management Hub

Optimise the local ranking of your stores

E-réputation Hub

E-Reputation Hub

Manage the e-reputation of your stores

Community Management Hub

Community Management Hub

Interact with your local customers

Local Advertising Hub

Local Advertising Hub

Engage with your local audience with geo localised advertising

Our Local Marketing Software, what’s in it for you?

Google My Business

Our tool has been designed to manage your whole Google My Business network in a unique and user friendly way.

Facebook Local

Centralize all your Facebook interactions and manage all your Local pages from one single interface

Connect a wide range of external medias

Integrate your most valuable medias to our software: Apple Maps, Uber, Waze, here, Garmin, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Pages Jaunes, TomTom, and many others.

Manage your Reviews

Get access to a centralized overview of all your Reviews. Answer your customers, filter your review’s content and analyse your store’s individual performance thanks to our specifically designed Dashboards. (Google, Facebook, Yelp, Trip Advisor, Pages Jaunes, etc.).


We provide API’s for your local efforts (app’s, drive, …)

Store Locator

You can even control the information and content displayed on your Store Locator from our Software!


Our software was designed to make the collaboration between marketing department and local stores easier.


Built your own content libraries and provide your local stores with high-quality content.


Our software gives you access to centralized reportings (for your Local Digital Marketing efforts)

Hours, addresses, specifics and images

Easily manage the data displayed on all you local pages from one place.

Location Management Hub

Location Management Hub

The first step to take is to assure the correct online presence of each point of sale. With our software you can manage the local page of each store on the medias that make sense to your business and engage with your local audience.

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Most used local media

  • Facebook
  • Google My Business
  • Store Locator
  • Waze
  • Uber
  • ...

E-Reputation Hub

Our Platform provides you with many tools to manage your online reputation. Centralize the reviews of different medias, answer your customer's reviews, and monitor your network’s overall performance with our dashboards.

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Best Review management platforms

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Trip Advisor
  • Yelp
  • ...
E-Reputation Hub
Community Management Hub

Community Management Hub

Customers nowadays interact a lot more with a point of sale before engaging. Manage this interaction by sharing your valuable content, new features, promotions and upcoming events. Engage with your local audience and create a real sense of proximity with your clients.

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Popular media

  • Facebook
  • Google Posts
  • ...

Local Advertising Hub

Local customers are more likely to convert if they get the right message at the right time. Get access to geo localised campaigns through our platform and connect at the right time with your local audience. Doing this will provide your customers with the right content but you will also reach a new audience of new potential clients.

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Popular networks

  • Facebook
  • Adwords
  • Display
  • Programmatic
  • ...
Local Advertising Hub

All the resources you need to improve your Local Digital Marketing and personalise your client’s experience from a single tool.

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A flexible way to manage your local digital marketing efforts

Our platform perfectly adapts with your internal work-flows.
Which option suits your company best?

Decentralized Management

We include your local store’s managers in the process. Being your brand’s local link, they know their local business context in and out.

Centralized Management

This option applies for companies that want to harmonize their online communication. All the digital marketing efforts are guided by the corporate marketing department.

External Management

External Management is the way to go if your company doesn’t have the time and resources needed for this task. In this case, our own data managers are glad to help you out!

Would you rather prefer a combination of these options? Are platform is very flexible. You could also opt for a situation in which your Marketing and Communication Departments nourishes the platform with high-quality content. This content is made available for local store managers who can choose from a library of valuable content and publish the content that is most adapted to their context. Thanks to our platform, corporate can thus rely on their store managers by drawing a canvas in which store managers can evolve freely.

What our customers have to say

Thanks to Mobilosoft, I’m interacting with more than 1.500 new potential customers every month on Google & my country’s local web-media !

Capture d’écran 2017-02-16 à 14.01.21.png


Artisan chocolatier / Chez Lio


The moment our new store locator went online: store online visibility, search relevance and other web-to-store events, all drastically increased with an average up to 700%.

c_Stemberger - copie.jpg

Christophe Stemberger

Head of Omnichannel / Carrefour

Increase your team’s productivity and raise your overall growth

By centralizing all those resources and making it easily available for your whole team, our platform will improve efficiency, speed up a lot of processes and spare your (company/team) a lot of time!

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Every day, our tool is used by more than 100 companies to drive traffic to More than with 20 000 stores