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Google My Business

Here's how to remove a duplicate point of sale in your Google My Business account and how to report them from Google Maps:

From your Google My Business account

The indication "Duplicate Institution" is mentioned when the listing you want to add already exists in your account. If "Authorization required" is displayed, you must request ownership of the relevant record.

How to delete a local listing:

  1. Sign in to Google My Business
  2. Click on "Duplicate Locations" in "Account Summary"
  3. Go to the sign to delete and click on "Delete this record" / Or check the box of each store to delete, select the three-point menu and select "Delete"

Attention :
Be careful not to delete listings that have already been validated.

From Google Maps

  1. Open Google Maps
  2. Find the establishment and suggest a modification
  3. Select "This place is permanently closed or never existed" and the "Duplicate" pattern, then send.

Creating a group of locations is the best way to properly manage all of your Google My Business listings. A group of points of sale can be shared with your partners (colleagues, solutions, agencies, ...). On the other hand, if you want to distinguish subsets of establishments (brands, catchment areas, ...) you can create several groups of outlets.

To publish and validate your locations in bulk (in one operation), you need to import (xls, csv, ...) into your Google My Business account.

Warning :
Use a business email address provided by Google to manage your Google My Business account.

It is possible to download statistics from several establishments at once by exporting. Three reports are available: statistics on the discovery of your establishments, your photos and your phone calls.

Procedure :

  1. Sign in to Google My Business
  2. Check the points of sale that interest you
  3. Activate the menu above the list of your establishments and select "Download Statistics".
  4. Select one of the three reports from the "Local Reports" screen that opens
  5. Specify the desired time period in the following screen and download the report

Warning :
For non-validated records, statistics are not available.

With exceptions, you must indicate your standard business hours in the dedicated section of your My Business listing. In other words, it means during the hours which staff are present to accompany and serve customers.

Example of exception: service stations where it is advisable to indicate the opening hours of the pumps. See the "Multiple Schedules" chapter of Google My Business Support for instructions on how to do this in specific cases across different industries.

For your "secondary" schedules, one solution is to use the Post feature to highlight them regularly or continuously in the news feed of the form.

Do not indicate schedules in the name of the local form or you will see it blocked.

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