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Our Story

It’s the story of a geek, Georges-Alexandre Hanin. Our founder has always been a found of mobile innovations and the internet. In 2010, a time where technological advances are huge in this field, he was often baffled by the slow pace at which companies adapted to these technologies. Even today, a lot of companies still fail to provide the right information when using mobile searches.

Together with Business Angel Cédric Donck, they decided to create a company that would help other companies to get their information right on local searches. This was especially relevant for companies with an extensive shop network. Retailers and brands soon realised the importance of this mobile presence and companies like Total, Décathlon, Auto5 and Carrefour joined the trip!



Today the situation of the market has evolved even more. The number of smartphone users has boomed since then and more than 50% of the people make an online research before going to the offline shop.

Furthermore, the complexity of local marketing has increased forcing companies to change the way they organize their local digital marketing. Here at Mobilosoft, we strongly believe that companies struggle with two main challenges in this field : their capacity to collect and use local data and the way they manage their interactions with local customers.



Day-in Day-out, we focus on user experience in our daily workload and our software developments. We want to provide the best interaction experience between a brand and its local audience. In order to make this possible we developed our own software that brands can use to customize and optimize each single interactions they have with their local audience.

At Mobilosoft we also chose to include humans in the decision making process, whereas other softwares are completely automated. This provides the best actionable environment for our partners making it possible to create the best experience possible for their audience.

Mobilosoft develops a software containing 4 major Hubs:

  • Location Management
  • E-Reputation
  • Community Management
  • Local Advertising
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