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A Review Management software that centralizes all the reviews posted on different medias used by your customers to interact with your point of sale.

Incoming reviews

Centralize all incoming reviews from your different medias and receive notifications when less positive reviews are detected.

Predefined answers

Configure and publish custom answers or create generic answers for recurrent incoming reviews.


Refine your reviews list with several filters ( number of stars, select a specific media, choose a geographical area, check pending reviews, ...).


Get an overview of the performance of your whole network or zoom-in on a certain store and check : the total number of reviews, average ratings, percentage of answered reviews and average response delay.


Tagg your incoming reviews depending on the subject of your review. Whether is positive of negative, you’ll get a clear overview of the matter!

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Measure the global satisfaction rate of your network thanks to the popularity index integrated in your results : the NPS.


Determine who has access to the platform and involve your local managers for the review management of their own location.


Collect all incoming reviews from different medias in one place.

Performance Analysis

Follow how your differents teams handle the review management.

Interactive Reports

Identify trends of incoming reviews thanks to the tags. Sort them by rating and by store to understand the strengths and weaknesses of each point of sale of your network.

All the resources you need to add a personal touch to your local digital marketing experience in a single platform.

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The place where all your reviews left on Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor, Yelp or even your own website get together.

Discover how my.mobilosoft platform enables you to centralize all our reviews left on the internet:


More than 40% of your buyers will make an opinion about you company by reading one to three reviews left on your company’s page. It is also known that 90% of all consumers will check for reviews before interacting with a specific store. These numbers undoubtedly point out the fact that review management becomes more and more important, especially when you know that the number of incoming reviews is booming.


Client reviews have a huge impact on your overall SEO as the fight for the best position within local search results is only getting fiercer. And upcoming technologies, such as voice search, only present single result within local search result, making it even more important to become the best on all levels.

Our Solution

My.Mobilosoft allows you to efficiently manage your Local E-Reputation. This will create a positive leverage on two levels, answering your reviews will give a strong signal to your customer that you care about their opinion, and furthermore, those positieve interactions will give a serious boost to your local SEO, driving more customers to your point of sale. Finally, our platform will keep you posted on the latest developments in the field of review management.

Why should I react to reviews left on my page? Because consumers trust those reviews and ratings more and more. It’s a crucial point within the customer journey of your audience and it is thus important than you send a positive signal when they’ll be looking at your reviews and answers. Furthermore, the importance of positive reviews have increased, this factor is now crucial to determine your position within local search results on Google, and other medias...

Which medias are included?

Google My Business
Google My Business
Integrate your own Review channel

Get a flexible and user-friendly tool for your network

Digital interactions are on the rise. But the number of inocmming reviews is gorwing so fast that it wil lsoon be close to impossible to manage this from a centralized place.

My.mobilosoft gives you the opportunity to involve your local managers every step of the way, by allowing them to use a platform that can be prepared by your marketing department in order to stay within corporate communications guidelines.

Prepare the digital future of your organization today!

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My.Mobilosoft is already used by more than 100 companies to manage a total of 20 000 locations worldwide.
Georges-Alexandre Hanin