Today, nearly one in two consumers wants to find price information online. And about one in four wants to know if the product they are searching for is available.

Our web-to-store maturity model

To help you attract Internet users to your points of sale, we have developed a three-stage web-to-store strategy

Be there




To encourage Internet users to enter your points of sale, we help you regularly publish information about your points of sale.

When they need a product or service, 73% of Internet users turn to a search engine. To maximize your chances of attracting them to your points of sale, you need to go beyond a passive online presence. We will help update your pages on Google and social networks so that all Internet users can find your products and services, and your special offers.

Special offers

You launch a special offer through your channel: talk about it on the mini-website and social network pages of each of your points of sale!

Local actions

One of your points of sale has a special offer or clearance sale? Publish the information on the mini-website and its pages to social networks!


Internet users do not necessarily search for the name of your business: most of them search for products or services. Publish product information online in order to optimize your contact opportunities with Internet users.

Inventory levels

Today, 26% of Internet users who search for something online want to know if the product they are looking to buy is available at the point of sale of their choice. Thanks to Mobilosoft’s Store Locator, this information can be easily found online.

Mobile coupons

Thanks to apps like Passbook or PassWallet, you can send loyal customers coupons that are activated whenever they pass by one of your stores.

Red Market increased their in-store traffic thanks to online promotional campaigns

When Red Market contacted Mobilosoft, the company wanted to increase the probability that Internet users who perused their online pages would come into their points of sale. Mission accomplished!

Birger Vanacker

Marketing Manager at Red Market

Thanks to Mobilosoft we increased the probability that people who viewed our pages would come into our points of sale by 122%.

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Create solid foundations for the online presence of your points of sale thanks to our unique methodology.


Use geographically specific advertisements to get Internet users into your stores.

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