These days, 89% of consumers perform local searches, whether it is to find the nearest point of sale or find information about this point of sale.

However, the probability that they will find the desired information and that it will be accurate is only 34.2%!

Thanks to our experience in local marketing and our web-to-store tools, we can help you implement a truly effective web-to-store strategy and measure the results.

Store Locator: help your customers find your points of sale

Developed by Mobilosoft, the Store Locator enables you to:

  • Centralize data management for all your points of sale into a single tool
  • Dedicate a mini-website with its own URL for each point of sale
  • Ensure publication and real-time updates of store data (address, directions, opening hours, etc.) and special offers on your company’s website, point of sale mini-websites, in search engines, local directories and local and international online directories.

Promo Pinboard: put your local special offers online

Mobilosoft’s Promo Pinboard allows you to showcase your national and local special offers on all your digital formats for local marketing. Thanks to this tool, you will be able to:

  • Display current special offers for where the Internet user is when they check their smartphone, tablet or PC
  • Immediately suggest information relating to the nearest point of sale
    • This includes information about available inventory
    • With centralized management linked to our reporting tool

Multichannel distribution: the pillar of your web-to-store strategy

This powerful and effective tool enables you to instantaneously distribute all updates and all local or national promotions:

  • On your business’s website
  • On mini-websites of your points of sale
  • In search engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing)
  • On the most influential social networks: Facebook, Foursquare and Google Plus
  • On local and international online directories (Yelp, etc.)
  • On 95% of GPS tools available on the market

Result: maximizing contact opportunities with consumers, without increasing your workload.

Local Store Manager: decentralizing information management

If your business has many points of sale, managing local information can sometimes be difficult and negatively impact sales.

Available on any device, the Local Store Manager lets your point of sales managers:

  • Directly update the information about their points of sale (address, opening hours, contact information, etc.)
  • Make all these changes on different media (website, mobile site, apps, store locator, product pages, special offers, etc.) and on external media (Google, Foursquare, Facebook, etc.)
  • Help manage their local special offers

You also control the degree of autonomy that local managers have.

Click and collect

Accessible on all formats, the Click and Collect function directly synchronizes with your inventory management system and lets your customers:

  • Find the nearest or most practical point of sale
  • Check availability of a product in this point of sale and reserve it
  • Pick up a reservation and pay in store
  • Share their in-store experience
  • Learn about special offers that you wish to share with them

Choose your degree of autonomy

We can either manage your web-to-store strategy for you on a daily basis or put these tools at your disposal, so that you can manage the daily matters of your points of sale.

You decide what is best for you: we adapt to your organizational methods in order to maximize your chances of success

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