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Web-to-store creates value for your business

Did you know that 50% of consumers who perform a search on their smartphones will push open the doors of the store they found within the next 24 hours?


That’s not all: among these consumers, 18% finish their search with a purchase. Our role? To help you, so that when Internet users search for the products and services you offer, they will enter YOUR points of sale to shop.

Be there

First element of our web-to-store approach: ensure the online presence of your points of sale


Whether it’s on their computer, tablet or smartphone, consumers search for the products and services you offer or the name of your business. Do they then find your points of sale? The first step of Mobilosoft’s web-to-store methodology is to ensure attractive and consistent online visibility for all your points of sale, on your website as well as in search engines, the top listings for your business and local online directories.


Second stage of our web-to-store strategy: give Internet users who found your points of sale online the information that interests them.


When they need a product or service, 73% of Internet users turn to a search engine. To maximize your chances of attracting them to your points of sale, you need to go beyond a passive online presence. We will help update your pages on Google and social networks so that all Internet users can find your products and services, and your special offers.


Did you know that 17% of searches made on a smartphone happen when the Internet user is already out-and-about? What if you could get these Internet users to enter your stores?


With geographically specific advertisements on Google and Facebook, you can reach Internet users when they search for something near your points of sale. It’s the perfect opportunity to highlight the product or service they are searching for, to show that your point of sale has the product in stock and invite them to come in! We ensure effective geographically specific promotion of your products and services in order to transform these searches into sales opportunities.


In four months Red Market increased its Internet-generated traffic in their points of sale by 112%.

Closed? Goodbye!

A motivated customer goes to your point of sale only to be met with a closed door. Surreal, right?

David beats Goliath

In a few months we have helped Touring Glass establish itself online against leading competitor Car Glass

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